Wirrigan Man

10/09/2005 - 30/09/2005


Francis Firebrace outside Chameleon

Francis Firebrace is from the Yorta Yorta people.He is a talented storyteller. He paints in oils creating canvasses depicting images from 'Dreamtime' stories. As a young man he worked as a stockman, later becoming an actor and in 1975 he won an international award.

After the tragic loss of his daughter and then his wife, Francis sold up, bought a boat and sailed around The Whitsunday islands. He began to take holidaymakers out for trips and also began to tell them stories around the camp fire at night. He told traditional Aboriginal stories and also told the stories from other tribal people. He used them to explore moral values, to build self-esteem and to develop an awareness of mutual respect for each other no matter what religion or skin colour.


aboriginal painting
aboriginal painting


Francis Firebrace


At The Chameleon gallery Francis Firebrace exhibited paintings and pottery, read poetry and took visitors on an exhilarating journey through his visual pieces, explaining the cultural significance of his artwork. His talks featured aspects of everyday tribal life like marriage, divorce, dancing and even kangaroo hunting.

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